Yes, book covers too! Why?

Old books, new books… I just love the touch of printed paper, its smell, its look, the subtle fascination of something still unread.

And quite often I buy a book because I fall for the look of its cover – these things happen, raise your hand who never did it!
Sure, “the cowl doesn’t make the monk”, but I never was a judicious little girl and, confound it, I care also for the wrapping! Don’t you? 😉

As such, knowing how much a beautiful cover can do, I began contributing my images exclusively to a big agency specialized in book covers, with flattering success.

Then all of a sudden the AI-generated images went big-bang, spreading chaos in the world of graphics and opening countless new unsuspected horizons. But to my astonishment the agencies offering book covers slammed the door on this new opportunity without a second thought – be it traditionalism, neophobia, cowardice or whatever, nothing doing: “no AI, period”.

After some perfunctory consideration I resolved to try myself for an adventure that to me means more fun than business: offering my visitors beautiful AI-generated covers, scrupulously retouched and enhanced manually, and then personalized according to the customer’s specifications – name, title, comment and whatever else.

What are the advantages?

For me, as said, plenty of fun and a bit of cash 😉

For you, Author in search of a well-suited cover for your latest book or e-book, quite a lot:

An exclusive cover image:
once you buy it, no one else will ever use your cover image for their books or for any other purpose – you buy it, I delete it from my repertoire and that’s it.

A very convenient price:
tentatively about half of what you find elsewhere.

A highly professional graphics:
wide choice between plenty of eye-catching fonts, styles, colors and graphic effects. The fonts used for the graphics are all licensed for commercial use.

A very high resolution:
perfectly suited for a printed paper book cover and obviously impeccable for an e-book cover as well.

A cover image after your heart:
you may chose among quite a bunch of ready images – and if none of them appeals to you, you may order one tailored to your wish (may take a little longer and cost a little more, but still less than what you find elsewhere).

A very fast response:
personalizing and sending you a ready-made cover takes up to 48 hours, possibly less. As for a tailored one… well, that depends on how picky you are 🙂

When you make the purchase, you’ll also get commercial exclusive rights for the cover to use and to promote your book without any restrictions.

Please, have a look at our ready book covers to personalize