Terms and conditions

Premade book covers and on-demand book covers

The book covers on sale on this Website are hi-res, digitally enhanced and post-processed illustrations generated with AI technology and sold complete of customized graphics with exclusive royalty free license.
Exclusive processing by Luisa Fumi. Property release by Luisa Fumi.


For every book cover a clearly stated license:

Web, media & print exclusive royalty free license

High res size
Personal, web, media & print use:
Promoted & “sponsored by” content, advertising
Newsletters & email marketing
Website, blog, media and online articles
Social media
Social media advertising & promoted posts
Brochures & leaflets
Promotional materials
Books, e-book magazines, printed articles

Not to resale, no merchandise

Important points:

  • The images may not be re-sold or sub-licensed. The images are licensed to only one person or entity, as identified in the order details, and may not be redistributed, shared, forwarded or otherwise transferred to other individuals or entities.
  • Luisafumi-Digitalart grants you an exclusive license to use the image as per the purchase condition. You acknowledge that you obtain no Intellectual Property Rights whatsoever to the image by virtue of this agreement.
  • You shall not exercise the licensed rights in any way that in itself is – or renders the image – obscene or defamatory, or infringes the privacy or any other rights of a third party.

Refund policy

Gameover’s Book Covers grants full right of cancellation for a period of 14 days from the day after you received your ordered item.

Cancellation can only be done if the digital product has not been used in designs, in the web or published in any way.
Please, with your refund request send:
– a receipt or proof of purchase
– a declaration that you didn’t use and shall not use the licensed cover.

If these conditions has been met you will receive full refund for your purchase.

Should any question arise about the above, please feel free to ask us, we’ll be glad to be of help.